Szállítói számlák feldolgozása

Processing supplier invoices

As it was done before

Our manufacturing client receives invoices from over a hundred suppliers every year, in the tens of thousands. The invoices were scanned into the filing system and then the accountants manually entered the invoice data into SAP by examining the invoice image.

This is what happens today

Today, electronic and scanned invoices are put into a network folder. The robot detects the invoices to be processed and immediately starts processing them one by one. It recognises the type of document and reads the invoice data accordingly. If data is read with a lower than expected reliability, the robot sends the invoice image to an accountant, who modifies the data concerned and, after approval, the robot enters data in SAP.

Customer benefit

The workload for processing invoices was reduced by about 1.5 FTEs. 90% of invoices are booked on the day after receipt at the latest.