Customer billing

As it was done before

One of the holding company’s associate departments filled in an Excel sheet with billing data on a daily basis, which was used by another department to issue dozens of customer bills every day. The billing expert’s morning was taken up with producing the bills and the investigation of incomplete or inaccurate data.

This is what happens today

The robot examines the input data received from the partner department and then sends back a report indicating which items cannot be billed due to missing or inaccurate data. It creates purchase orders in SAP for the billable items, issues the bills to be printed, filed and posted by the billing expert within half an hour a day.

Customer benefit

The time spent on billing has been reduced by about 8 working days per month and, in addition to a shorter process lead time, the cooperation between departments has become more transparent, data errors can be corrected in a timely manner.

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